Tracklist/Description: Celebrating 10 years since the conception of Lazy Days Recordings, founder Fred Everything has taken time out of his crazy schedule and world tours to head in the booth and record a very special mix for us. "I took 10 of my favorite tracks from the recent years and put them together to make a story of what Lazy Days is about" don't forget to check out the Lazy Days Catalog: and keep your eyes peeled for the Lazy Days takeover of our Deep House page with interview and free Lazy Days Records track, available for a limited time only. Tracklist: 1.Fred Everything “Gentle As The Sun” 2.Lance DeSardi “Expressions” 3.Nacho Marco “That Smile” 4.Roberto Rodriguez “Loving Me, Loving You” 5.Shur-I-Kan “Something In The Air” 6.Pezzner “Thug Rock” 7.Art Of Tones “Unstopped” (The Revenge Remix) 8.Kruse & Nuernberg feat. Nathalie Claude “Leaves Falling” (Mario Basanov Remix) 9.Shur-I-Kan “Blue Giraffe” 10.Martin Iveson “Leave Me Here"