Tracklist/Description: Another dose of Liquid beats & dodgy commentary can mean only one thing as Tim returns with another episode of the Liquid Tones podcast. Episode seven features tracks from Lurch, Chinensis, Thesis, Static, Pulsaar, Madcap, High Performance & Experiment. Elsewhere in the show Tim cranks up the mystery jukebox for a welcome blast from the past!!! Tim Cant: Tracklist: Submatic & Dan_e - Maximilian (Pulsaar Remix) [Jazzsticks] Madcap - Dangerous [Creative Wax] Lurch - Low Sometimes [Liquid Tones] Rowpieces - Brazil Calling [Liquid V] Mindmapper, Silvahfonk & Madcap - Up ‘N’ Smoke [Creative Wax] NC-17 & AK1200 - Summer Funk [Chronic] Furney - MDMA [Soul Deep] Physics - You Been On My Mind [Influenza] ***Uncle Timmy’s Mystery Jukebox*** Donnie Dubson & Stunna - Forever [Fokuz] Chinensis - Chasing Polaris [Liquid Tones] High Performance & Exper1ment - I Could Be [Liquid Tones] Thesis - Sungazer [freebie] Voyager & Aural Imbalance - Transmission Control [Omni Music] P.B.K. & Tim Cant - Human Evolution [Scientific] RQ - Traces [BMTM] Static - The Greys (Aural Imbalance Rework) [Cadence] Pete Rann & Tidal - Sketches [Omni Music] T.E.E.D. - Garden (Calibre Remix) (Pulsaar Retouch) [freebie]