Tracklist/Description: An new mix by The Revenge to celebrate his Roar Groove collab release on Dirt Crew that's out now! Buy Here -> Track List : The Revenge - Let Love Take The Blame (Key Dub) Liquid Phonk - Was It Love (Henry L & Ingo Saenger Mix) OOFT! - On The 25th Day Elliot Thomas - Ultimate Energy Kapote - Luftikuss (Mark E Dream House Remix) Nicholas - Together Beats Laszlo Dancehall - Channels Chaos In The CBD - Background Explorer KLF - What Time Is Love (1988 Pure Trance Mix) Baz Ludzha - Positive Vibes The Revenge - Dance 4 U (Live Dub) Black Sonix - Djembe Dance Beats Just Her feat. Kieran Fowkes - Let Myself Go Runaway - Broken Man (Live Mix) Bwana - Muscle Power’s Final Hours CZR - Undagroundiscofunk