Tracklist/Description: Working from his hallowed Stockholm bunker with Studio Barnhus label mates Petter Nordqvist and Kornel Kovacs, Swedish art graduate Axel Boman makes music with a rare sense of charm, wit, and humour. In both EP and LP format, he focusses on playful and curious atmospheres, kinked grooves and left of centre sampling. When not making earwormy dance music, in the past he has been found synthesising sound with nuclear physicists as The Radioactive Orchestra and also works on more clubby fair with John Talabot as Talaboman. His sets, too, are just as joyous and off beat, and are as effective for trippy after hour sessions as they are for peak time parties. 
 The one hour selection the singular selector cooks up here is something of a curveball, full of unexpected twists and turns that showcase a breadth and depth of his influences whilst sounding perfect for Spring time. It's an effortlessly jaunt through freewheeling melodies, excitable disco groovers and breezy, swinging house all peppered with classics, singalong vocals and feel good gems. Well balanced so as to not be all too sugary, the far ranging mix is another wondrous window into the colourful world of one of house music’s most likeable and easy going characters.
03 May 2016
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