Tracklist/Description: It would appear summer is finally upon us so I've taken the time to carefully knit together some fine music from some of the scenes very best. Check out my Cozmik Beatz 'Summer Vibez Mix' here. 1. LSB: Melrose 2. Makoto X Seba: Deep Waters 3. Seba: My Love 4. Technimatic: Breathe In 5. A Sides: One Love Remix 6. J-Laze: Memoryz 7. Calibre: Simple Sa 8. Trex: Sprain 9. Satl: Maj 10. Adred ft Robert Manos: Captivate (Marcus Intalex Remix) 11. Invaderz: Get Gone 12. Lenzman ft LSB: Noodles 13. Trex: Calm 14. Madcap: Learning Curve 15. Dave Schichman: 5th Sentence (Random Movement Remix) 16. Technimatic: True Believer 17. Liquitek & Eletrosoul System: Space Frog 18. Seba: Curved Boundries 19. Soul Connection: Mystic Moods 20. Zero T ft Steo: Cant Hide 21. Greekboy ft AKA: The Jungle
02 July 2019
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