Tracklist/Description: Dan Only made this deep and eclectic mix to celebrate the release of his new "Fragments EP"! Enjoy! Dan Only | Fragments EP | Dirt Crew Recordings Buy Vinyl : Buy Digital : Stream : Tracklist: Moodymann - I’ll Provide (Mahogani Music) Ouer - Undine (Dirt Crew Recordings) Tommy Vicari Jnr - Aplomb (Quartet Series) Callisto - Bounce (Guidance Records) Nathan Micay - Ecstasty is on Maple Mountain (Lucky Me) Karima F- Random Loop from Doepfer Site (Schloss Records) Lone - Temples (R&S) Head High - What You Want (Power House) Dan Only - Untitled (Unreleased) Dan Only - Breathe (Dirt Crew Recordings) Plo Man - TX-i (Acting Press) Dan Only - Primal Echoes (Unreleased) ANF - TV Science (Naff) Max Ulis & Sergio Levels - Something Else (Bass Coast Music) Burial - Southern Comfort (Hyperdub) Mosca - Gold Bricks, I See You (Fabric) Stenny - Stress Test (Ilian Tape) Martyn - Recon (3024) Clark - Clip (Planet E) Daft Punk - Rock’n’Roll (Virgin) Aleksandir -Trying Your Luck (Artesian Sounds) Kosh - In A Maze (Electro Edit) (Casa Voyager) Kasper Marott - Sky Dreams (Kulør) JVM - Breathing Puddles (Unreleased) Placid Angles - First Blue Sky (Magicwire) Boards of Canada - 1969 (Warp)
19 July 2019
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