Tracklist/Description: Our Traxsource LIVE! show this week features Joey Youngman! Starting his career from an early age, immersing himself into producing and Djing, he has continued to influence the future sound of House music. We are excited of his return to House music with his latest release 'So Thankful', a rework of the original from Bobby D'Ambrosio. Out now on Guesthouse Music check it out! Enjoy his latest show including several of his own tracks on Fetish Recordings, Guesthouse and Jackin Tracks. 20+ countries, 80+ radio networks and 10 million+ weekly listeners can’t be wrong. Keep it Traxsource. Keep it underground. Follow us on Youtube: Follow us on Soundcloud: Follow us on Facebook: Follow us on Instagram: Follow us on Twitter: Joey Youngman - So Thankful Remix - Guesthouse Music - JOEY YOUNGMAN – TRACKLISTING: JUN 20TH, 2019 01. Joey Youngman - Dilated - Fetish Recordings 02. Joey Youngman - The Devil's Groove - Fetish Recordings 03. Joey Youngman - The Answer May Surprise You - Blue Label 04. Digital Villains - Busted Speaker (Joey Youngman "Stuff n Thangs Dub") Jackin Tracks 05. Joey Youngman - Country Life - Fetish Recordings 06. Joey Youngman - Amore - Fetish Recordings 07. Big Pharma - Utopia RX - Pill Mill 08. Bobby D’Ambrosio - Elevate Me (Joey Youngman Remix) Guesthouse Music 09. Joey Youngman - What You Need - Jackin Tracks 10. Joey Youngman - Double Stacked - Fetish Recordings 11. DJ Mes - No Tomorrow (Big Pharma Dopamine Remix) Guesthouse Music 12. Joey Youngman - Just One Groove - Blue Label 13. Bobby D’Ambrosio - So Thankful (Joey Youngman Remix) Guesthouse Music 14. Joey Youngman - Winter In Bahia - Fetish Recordings 15. Joey Youngman - Twelve Bits Of Love - Fetish Recordings 16. Joey Youngman - Droppin' Bombs - Nightshift 17. Big Pharma - A Spoonful Of Sugar - Pill Mill 18. Joey Youngman - Attack Of The Disco Bubbles - Jackin Tracks 19. Joey Youngman - The Groove Bug - Jackin Tracks FORTHCOMING GUESTS ON TRAXSOURCE LIVE! • Sebb Junior (June 27th)
08 July 2019
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