Tracklist/Description: Kassian was for live for two with Third Place Record's Will Hofbauer. 120 minutes of club cuts from garage and baseline all the way too house and tech. Lots of unreleased business inside. Buy ‘8th Movement’: @kassiansound | Every 3rd Wednesday - 19:00 - 21:00 GMT Laurence Guy - Dreamer Laroye - Be The Change (feat. Carlos Mena) [Instrumental] Scan7 - The Funk That Stunk Snad - Put It In My Parenthesis Marlon Kirk - Muted By Life (Distraction Mix) Highrise - Summertime Breeze Eliphino - You Said That Stones Taro - Muddy Fish Nolga - SYNCL Desert Sound Colony - Taking It Out For A Rip Rudoh - Mo Money Eden Burns - TCU Skudge - Quasi Anz - Gary Mission Soul Mass Transit System - All Night Ben & Dylan - Roo Thomas Gray & Liam Ebbs - A3 Henrik Villard - WIWYTD Felix Lenferink - Fifth Forlane Ambiwlans - Short Flaxen Kevin Over - Ends With A Kiss Herb Rhythm - People! (Vinyl Mix) Grensta - Tha Girl (ft. Hannah Monica) Jozef K - Disintergated Radio Slave - Stay Out All Night 30/70 - Tempted (Maxwell's Blind Faith Remix) Anz - Loos In Twos (NRG) Stones Taro - Word Rush Addison Groove - Brand New Drop Foxmind - Heavy Duty Booty Jabru - First Place Loser Bakey - Yeh Interplanetary Criminal - Who On Da Mic Groove Chronicles - Stone Cold ** Will Hofbauer Guest Mix ** Yabby You - Feel Alright Mystic - What A Disaster (Version) Jah Shaka - Verse 3 Sugot Minnott - I wanna Give My Love (Version) Singers & Players - Autobiography Prince Far I & The Arabs - Internal Dub Prince Far I & The Arabs - Low Gravity Dub Syndicate - Ascendant Part 6 Badoo - Rocking Of The Five Thousand Harry Mosco - Peaceful Dub Creation Rebel - Starship Africa Section 4 DJ Sotofett - Dub On The 4th Street Orchestra - Hawaii Five-0
19 October 2020
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