Tracklist/Description: Mix for Radio FM ... under national slovak radio. As many of you know, same time i am a dj i am also graphic designer. For more than 19 years i fight for good music and good design and im happy as designer im author for more than 100 vinyl records, and whats best... i only work with music minded labels which music i will buy as dj. Through this natural connection in my work i will make mixes from music i gave my energy through artwork. This is first mix, as the duration was set to 57 minutes because of limits of national radio, i can call it little teaser to beautifull catalogue of releases. In this mix i put together tracks from my "home" labels Local Talk, Gamm & Omena, + selection of tracks from Lumberjacks in Hell and Sol Power Music. (it was inposible to include all labels, so next time... )AS we have quotes in slovakia for playing local music, mix must include slovak music. I use this chance to finaly get out of producers shadow and add 2 of my unreleased tracks in mix. Hugs Tracklist: 1 Michal Rafaj - 2018 2 SofaTalk - JazzBook 3 AOT - Reprise De Fonk 4 Tee Mango - Tryin Times 5 Trevor Lawrence - Tip Toe (DJ Spinna Remix) Instrumental 7 inch edit) 6 Michal Rafaj - MILA JAM 7 Tee Mango - Tryin Times 8 Waajeed - What You Know 8 Coflo - Lux (Original Radio Mix) [m] 9 Sol Power All-Stars - Va Sé Da feat. Elikeh (no solo edit) 10 Soulphiction- Beehive (HiPhife Mix) 11 Souldynamics - Vibrations (Masters Young Pulse) 12 Shaka - Theme From The Riverwalk (YP MASTER) 13 James Curd - Let's Get Get Get It 14 Le Soleil Jaune [Rob-O J-ski Extended]
26 October 2020
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