Tracklist/Description: YUKSEK playlist: Diogo Strausz - Bota a Cara no Sol A&N - Weather Of An Empty Space Hyphen Hyphen - We Light The Sunshine (Yuksek Remix) Mr. Oizo - Hot In Her Marlon George - Intimate FR Yuksek-Golden Age ( Jacques Renault Remix) The Rhythm Odyssey & Dr Dunks - Fast leather jacket Destiny ll - Play to win (Dave Lee dub) Nathalie Duchene - Praia (Yuksek Remix) Italomania - La Strega (Paul Older Rework) JIMPSTER playlist: Jimpster - Still Believe Bon Voyage Organisation - Les Pêcheurs Dirty Channels & Don Carlos - Adriatico (Axel Boman Remix) Blanali - Birds Of Paradise Lex & Locke - 7 Day Path (DJ Rocca Remix) Dreems - A Head Temper Editt R.E.A.D - Give Up On Love The Possé - Parting (Space Ghost Remix) DJ Jauche - Lay Your Soul Down On The Floor (Jimpster Remix) Yuu Udagawa - Hug Close - Crackazat - Simple Things (Ron Trent Remix) Soul Of The Makossa Man - African Battle (Carlos Nilmmn’s Loft Mix) Roberta - This Song Is For You (PÜR ROYALE DUB) Soul Of Hex - Sphinx (feat. Angel Peralta) Jimpster - Future Paradise
21 June 2022
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