Tracklist/Description: No Boundaries #8 In each region, there are enthusiasts who pass on their passion and promote this culture on a daily basis. Miss Moon is one of them. DJ since the end of 1990's, she had distinguished herself in the south of france mainly by her activism for electronic music and DJ sets that reveal an exquisite taste and a boundless knowledge of music. After a break in her deejaying career she's now back with a fresh energy, lots of inspiration and endless passion. I hope you will enjoy listening to her musical journey as much as I do respect her involvement... For the 1st hour, I've been digging through my records again and I had a lot of fun mixing the House Music I like with a touch of Broken or Hip Hop 👊 Music is an exciting means of expression. Hope you will enjoy this trip, dedicated to lost souls...
16 June 2022
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