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Loz Contreras - Keep on keepin on
Duoscience - Flavour of the night
Loz Contreras - Chloes exodus
Dynamic & Command Strange - Jazzmine
Blade - Mcnallys theme
Jinx - Somebody come get me
Delilah - Shades of Grey (Spectrasoul remix)
S.P.Y - Kiss The Sky
Danny Byrd feat. General Levy - Blaze The Fire (Rah!) (Stray remix)
A.I. & Command Strange feat. Jamakabi - Mad one
Data - Blindside
Bank - Gin & Tonic
Clarity - Cold Blank
Naibu - Folklore
Jrumhand - Picking up the pieces
Intelligent manners & Command Strange feat Pouyah - Do It All Night
Stealth & Stylus - One Way
S.P.Y - Love Hurts
Soulculture - Stoned love
Random Movement - She had better days