Tim Cant's first appearence on doddiblog ever. He delivers quality liquid funk mix consist of classics liquid funk and atmospherics tunes.

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D Kay - Sunday Morning (Bingo Beats)
Alaska & Seba - Back From Eternity (Arctic Music)
BCee - Consumed (Spearhead)
Commix - Painted Smile (Metalheadz)
Atlantic Connection - Reach Out (What Would Happen) (Spearhead)
Calibre - Highlander (Signature)
Calibre - Drop It Down (Signature)
BCee & Lomax - Changing Faces (Fokuz)
J-Laze - Nod to the Godz (Phuzion)
Seba - Blaze and Fade Out (Combination)
Donnie Dubson & Stunna - Forever (Fokuz)
Stunna - Back In Time (Outsider Music)
KMC - Electronic Shock (Edit) (Camino Blue)
Madmen & Poets - Afraid of Jazz (Lenzman remix) (Phunkfiction)
Physics & Resound - Star Shade (Fokuz)
Artificial Intelligence - Switch On (Commercial Suicide)
Lenzman - String City (Fokuz)
Lomax & Focus - 5 Weeks (Bingo Beats)
Lomax - One Year On (innerground)
Drumsound & Simon ‘Bassline’ Smith - Rasta Blaster (Liquid V)
BCee - Consumed (Logistics remix) (Spearhead)