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Inner City LifeBuy
By Goldie
1 The Helicopter TuneBuy
By Deep Blue
2 EclipseBuy
By Nookie
3 Rotation
By J Majik
4 Love Is Not A GameBuy
By J Majik & Kathy Brown
5 Electrofusion
By >> Greenfly
6 Take No More
By Bluez And Bronco
7 You're The OneBuy
By Greg Packer
8 New Dawn
By The Tripodz
9 The Seed
By Syncopix
10 So Liquid
By Carlito
11 Half Now Half Later
By John B
12 Mystic
By Calibre
13 Soul Beat RunnaBuy
By Boymerang
14 Inner City Life (Outro)
By Goldie