Tracklist/Description: Very kindly been given a series of quality mixes to support. This ones Mark Halflite in the mix, featured on the Bluezik Xmas Show! Please check the tracklist and the links to follow: Bluezik: Soundcloud and Facebook: @simon-highfield Mark Halflite: Sheer Velocity Records: TRACKLIST: D Bridge Vs Fierce - daylight [Exit] Wyman - innersphere [forthcoming Sheer Velocity] K Dan - for lovers for friends [Digi Lab] Bruno Junglist - down to you [Sheer Velocity] Calibre - free [Signature] Paul T + Edward Oberon - let me [Tilt] Phase 2 - watch your step [forthcoming Sheer Velocity] Intelligent Manners - love is love [Fokuz] David WS - moodnight [Digital Blus] Subsid - single hand [forthcoming Sheer Velocity] Furney - une femme de la lissome [forthcoming Sheer Velocity] D Bridge Vs Commix - providence [Exit] Evasion - get your swerve on [Integral] BrokenDrum - falling in love [forthcoming Sheer Velocity] Flaco - it’s okay girl [????] Larigold - epic ensemble [forthcoming Sheer Velocity]’