Tracklist/Description: SUNANDBASS Podcast #40, and it’s the sound of sunshine with @djpatife! Just a few days until SUNANDBASS 2015, and what a perfect way to bring you to the Island for your yearly dose of beats, beach and bass. DJ Patife is a name synonymous with drum and bass and Brazil. Involved in the scene there since the 90’s, his unique take on the sound began to reach further afield after he and fellow countrymen bought us the ‘The Brasil EP’ on V Recordings in 2001. An exciting, fresh release coming from a new angle at the time, the EP opened the door for the Brazilian take on drum and bass to reach that little bit further, and to help spread their vibe to the world. And now as he steps up for our Podcast, he’s delivered a brand new mix full of exclusives to once again show us how he does it! Dive in, we’ll be seeing you soon!