Tracklist/Description: Soulcast from Aerosoul Limited™ presents DJ Inza - Soi Tokyo 17th of May 2015 Podcast Track Listing: 1.PFM - Western(Remix) (Good Looking) 2.ADAM F - Aromatherapy (Section 5) 3.OMNI TRIO - Astral Phase (Moving Shadow) 4.PESHAY - Jazz Lick (Nexus) 5.DJ RON - Benjamin Franklins (London Some'ting) 6.RONI SIZE - Secrets (Full Cycle) 7.DJ KRUST - Set Speed(Remix) (V) 8.FIREFOX - Bonanza Kid (Philly Blunt) 9.MORE ROCKERS - The Flush feat.Preddy (More Rockers) 10.NEW BLOOD - Worries In Da Dance (No Frills) 11.URBAN TAKEOVER - Drop Top Caddy (Urban Takeover)