Tracklist/Description: Awakenings Podcast #134 - Dam Swindle As Dam Swindle we’re known mostly for our house and disco sets but rarely for our deeper side. And although we regularly play techno and electro during our sets, it’s not something that people think of when thinking of us. Since we both started solo projects under the monickers Wanderist & The Palmer Initiative, we’ve both been diving deep into the electronic side of the music spectrum. With this mix for Awakenings we tried to merged all the before-mentioned styles and projects together into one hour of deep energy. Enjoy. XO Lars & Maarten @wanderist @thepalmerinitiative WWW.AWAKENINGS.COM​ ► FOLLOW US Instagram:​ Youtube: Twitter:​​ Facebook:​​ Soundcloud: @ awakenings Upcoming Awakenings Events:
09 December 2021
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