Tracklist/Description: Pumped to dust off the gear and wrangle a mix for the nice folks at Winnipeg DJ Collective. I pulled a bunch of slower/loungier tunes I don't often have the opportunity to work into my sets. Even though it's summer, it's still (unfortunately) pandemic times, so I wanted to put together something relaxed that's suitable for sitting by the pool, your houseplant, or contemplating the void, somewhere in the sun. No complicated mixing or emotions, just nice jamz. Stay safe and help your neighbours, friends. <3 Find WDC on instagram & mixcloud for more great music from Treaty 1/YWG: TRACK LIST: 1. Rue de Bagnolet - HNNY [HNNY] 2. Mimosa Kuriosa - Sune [Live Ones] 3. MidCity - Jesse Bru [Audio Parallax] 4. Feelings - Brijean [Ghostly International] 5. La Dame et le Conga - Giovanni Damico [Faces Records] 6. Cosmic Cart - Latecomer [MCDE Recordings] 7. Pan That Shit Out Of Your Brain - Jascha Hagen [KANN] 8. Maximum Saturation - A Band Called Success [Self-Released, Soundcloud] 9. Existential Dread - Thundercat [Brainfeeder] 10. 93 - Youandewan [Aus Music] 11. John C Lodge Cruise - ANDRÉS [Marble Wax2Max] 12. Piña - Metro Area [Environ] 13. Panther Lies - Anthony Collins [Natural History] 14. Let's Never Come Back Here Again - Submerse [Project: Mooncircle]
31 December 2021
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