Tracklist/Description: And so, we have the final podcast mix of 2021, and who better to end the year than Riya!? Forget about getting into the Christmas spirit, this mix will get us into the SUNANDBASS 2022 spirit! Keep an ear out for Riya's latest track Blame, taken from her new EP of the same name as well as some other gems in there. Tracklisting: Nymfo, Riya, Collette Warren - Patience [Liquicity] ID - ID Monty - Resident [1985] Henry & Mystific - Unbalance My Fate ft. Bazil MC & Riya [Fokus] Rezilient - Take You Down [Future Retro] Anile - Depths [Soul:r] Marcus Intalex - These Days [31 Recordings] Villem - Difference ft. Rider Shafique & Pat Fulgoni [D&B Arena] (With DiIlinja - It Ain’t Too Loud Tease [VLV]) Jubei - Congo [Metalheadz] Sl8r - Temptation [V Recordings] Walk:r - The Reason [Guidance] HLZ - In Between [Metalheadz] Alibi - Musihertz VIP ft. Sofi Mari [V Recordings] Enei - No Fear ft. Riya - Spectrasoul RMX [Critical] Subliminal & Humanature - Around the World - Phaction Remix [Fokus] ID - ID ID - ID (With Zero T ft. Riya - Truth Hurts Vocal Tease) Alibi - Rave Digger [V Recordings Dub] LIN000 - LIN004 [TNQ] (with Alibi - Make it Real ft. Riya Vocal Tease [V Recordings]) Break - Pill Popper [Symmetry] Total Science, Quadrant, Iris - False Alarm - Villem RMX [CIA Records] (With Foreign Concept & Riya - Affliction Tease [Critical]) Data 3 - String Theory [Innerground] (With S.P.Y - Loneliness ft. Riya Tease [CIA Records]) Total Science, Marky, S.P.Y - Try Out [Hospital] Pyxis - Opium [31 Recordings] Break - Overdub [Symmetry] Collette Warren & Dunk - Black Rainbow - DJ Marky Remix [Innerground] Philth - Submarine VIP [AutomAte] Riya & Collette Warren - Vices ft. Whiney [Carnelian Music] Macca - Regeneration [Skank & Bass] Riya - Blame [Spearhead] LIN000 - LIN001 [TNQ] Nymfo - Dizzy [CIA Records] Total Science - Redlines ft. Riya [Critical] DJ Marky - Whales [D&B Arena] Paul T & Edward Oberon - How Many Times ft. Riya [V Recordings] Askel & Elere - Perfect Symmetry ft. Riya [Soulvent Records] Listen to more of Riya here:
06 December 2021
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