Tracklist/Description: 3rd of April 2014: Paul T switches HARD BASS DEALERS to Liquid mode…

DJ, producer, and radio host on Rude FM, Kool FM or Origin FM, then more recently on, the multi-cap London based lad also finds time and energy to run his own imprint, Tilt Audio.

After falling in love with underground electronic music in the early 90’s, the golden era of the rising years of rave and clubbing, Paul T never gave up the movement and got involved in some major projects such as Suburban Base Records, as well as collaborating with the legendary Adam F.

20 years devoted to the music he loves to share.
 What better to illustrate such passion and engagement than name a few releases on semantic and prestigious labels like Good Looking/Looking Good, Dispatch Recordings, Mars, Spearhead, Renegade or Phuzion…

To celebrate his appearance in HARD BASS DEALERS Radio Show, we have a treat from Paul T. who blended a mix full of soulfull dubplates and others exclusives by Paul T himself, alongside NYC new talent Edward Oberon (Releases to follow on Bryan Gee’s very label Liquid V).

For once HARD BASS DEALERS goes Soul Bass Dealers.
Enjoy the ride, Bassheadz!

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Thanks to RCV99FM, our host radio station, for supporting us from the start. “Grow your own independence!”
HARD BASS DEALERS radio show airs EVERY THURSDAY at midnight (CET) on RCV99FM. Stream on;
1 Paul T & Edward Oberon – I Think About You – Dub
2- Paul T & Edward Oberon – Touch – Dub
3- Paul T & Edward Oberon – Trust Me – Liquid V Dub
4- Paul T & Dramatic – Light Beam – Dub
5- Paul T & Edward Oberon – Rain – Liquid V Dub
6- Paul T & Edward Oberon – I Still Love You – Dub
7 -Paul T & Serum Feat Edward Oberon – Deep 1 – Liquid V Dub
8- Dramatic – If I Ever – Dub
9- Paul T & Edward Oberon - Somebody Else – Liquid V Dub
10- Paul T & Edward Oberon – Do It – Tilt Audio
11- Paul T & Edward Oberon – Infamous – Chronic Dub
12- Paul T & Edward Oberon – You’re Love – Liquid V Dub