Tracklist/Description: We kicked off Paper in 1994 with PAP001 Salt City Orchestra’s The Book and are now up to PAPDLS175. In the meantime there have been sub labels (Repap / We Are Woodville / Def Drive / Paper Disco), club nights (Robodisco / Paper parties / Trash The ….) foreign tours (New Zealand / Japan / Portugal, Australia), lifelong friendships forged, marriages, deaths and births. Except for a break from 2003 – 2009 when we went away and re-grouped we’ve been putting out music that we love the whole time. Dance music has changed massively from those early naive wide-eyed DIY days when everything was "house" or "techno" in to the global phenomenon it is today with hundreds of splintered sub-genres. But all the while we have been ploughing the same furrow of releasing music that made us move and had something more about it than just "DJ fodder". When we started we were the new thing and hip in places we had barely even heard of but now are inevitably part of the establishment and a long way from the cutting edge. But with a new generation of artists we are hopefully still releasing relevant quality dance music with the recognizable Paper sound. On doing the mix I chose to cover only the singles and do so in chronological order by year (which can be followed in the comments). This means that some mixes are more successful than others (!) but gives a taste of how Paper has developed. There are some glaring omissions of tracks and artists that were hugely important to the label (Problem Kids / Pa Pa Washington Trio / Reset) but with 39 hours and 53 minutes of music to choose from it’s inevitable that some favourite moments were missed. Maybe I'll try and get them on the 25 years anniversary mix! Anyway, we're very proud of what Paper has done and will continue doing what we do so thanks for helping us along! Ben Davis The whole Paper catalogue is available digitally on all good online stores. Here it is on Juno : A recent article and interview with The Ransom Note on our 20th Birthday : 1. Salt City Orchestra - The Book (Epilogue Reprise) 2. Paper Music Issue One - Downtime 3. Dirty Jesus - Cut The Rug (Da Floor Mix) 4. Those Norwegian - Hurdy Gurdy 5. Crazy Penis - Summer Bummer 6. Essa - 2 With A Star (Road To Damascus Mix) 7. Dirty Jesus - Don't Fuck With My Shit 8. Streetlife Original - Lara's Theme 9. Kenny Hawkes - Sleaze Walking 10. Stryker - Can't Stop 11. Head Nodding Society - Nudge Up 12. Crazy Penis - Do It Good (Tom Middleton's Cosmos Mix) 13. Harlem Zip Code - I Feel Music 14. DJ Tvyks & Håkan Lidbo- Version 1 15. Keyboy - Viva Blue (Ralph Myerz 5am Eternal Mix) 16. Daco - Aquarium 17. Flash Atkins - Make Your Move (Atjazz Mix) 18. 2 Billion Beats - The Moodymann 19. Research - Day By Day (Psychemagik Mix) 20. Neil Diablo - Let's Get It On 21. Flash Atkins - Freak Club 22. Richard Seaborne - I Know You Love Me 23. 2 Billion Beats - Noise In Your Eye 24. Leon Sweet - Show You (Dean 'Sunshine' Smith Mix) 25. Kit Tacchini - New York Steak Of Mind 26. Joe Morris - Always 27. Ralph Myerz & The Kosmik Diamondz - Lett Sommarmat