The Square - Studio Mix Vol.6 (19-Aug-2009)

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1)Precious Love - Smote [Influenza Media]
2)So Strong - dRamatic [Unsigned]
3)Time - Command Strange [Human Soul]
4)Watertight - Atp (The Square,Indesit & Eros RMX) [Influenza Media]
5)For Me - Dans [Liquid Brilliants]
6)Smooth Talker - Ross D [Playloop]
7)Keep Ur Hands On Me - The Square & Dirrrty B [Unsigned]
8)Pure - dRamatic [Unsigned]
9)To The Stars - Ross D [Playloop]
10)Admiration - The Square [Drumwise]
11)Inside Feelings - The Square & Eros [Urban Chemistry]
12)So Fine - Ross D [Playloop]
13)One More Try - Stereotype (The Square & Dirrrty B RMX) [Urban Chemistry]
14)Glow A.M. - Glen E Ston [Influenza Media]
15)Motion - The Square [Drumwise]
16)Falling Of Ideas - m25, Nummix & First Function (The Square RMX) [Unsigned]
17)Belive - The Square [Influenza Media]
18)Train To Space - Sequent Industry (The Square RMX) [Human Soul]