ATP - Drum n Bump n Grind n Bass (August 2009)

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Glen E Ston and Dave Owen - Jazz Collab (Dub)
Stunna and Kubatko - Broken Rules (Golden Orb)
Erykah Badu - Honey (sconeboy and Dave Owen Booty) (Dub)
Brother - Reversal (Fokuz)
SoulTec - Take Your Time (Dub)
Sinistarr and Kiat - Black Diamonds (Hospital)
ATP - I still Believe (Vibration Dub)
Quantrek - Signs (dub)
Glen E Ston + ATP - Forget Me Not (Vibration Dub)
Atlantic Connection and Lynx - Danger Zone (Submorphics Rmx) (Westbay)
Simplification and Ed Oberon - Loveline (Blu Safire Dub)
Dave Owen and DJ Clart - Deep Cover (Dub)
Tyler straub and Dave Owen - Squeaky Clean (Dub)
Alix Perez - Crooklyn (Soul:R)
Dave Owen - Still Waters (Influence Dub)
Redeyes and Sweed - Night is Over (Spearhead)
Glen E Ston and The Square - Close to You (Dub)
Sks and Peyo - Without You (Influenza Media)