Sinistarr - MPOD 003 (August 2009)

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Detroit's favourite drum and bass son, Sinistarr, shows up with a bag of tunes and brings MPOD 003. Really this man needs no introduction and has been ploughing his own furrow, with productions on MJAZZ, Hospital,Creative Source, Influence and Peer Pressure to name but a mere few. Sit back, enjoy and let the motor city vibe wash over you...
June Miller - Convergence (Horizons)
SpectraSoul - Captive (Deep Soul Music)
Tokyo Prose - Retake (Samurai)
Cloak + Dagger - Fuseg (Dub)
Justice + Chris Inperspective - Cryptic Lamb (MJAZZ)
Bal - Untitled (Dub)
Paranoid Society - Reversed Water Streams (MJAZZ)
Jeff Risk - Burner 3 (Dub)
Dan Habarnam - Zoom Back Camera (Santorin)
Glen E Ston - Lost Love (MJAZZ)
Senses - All Over (Subtle Audio)
Alaska + Seba - Back From Eternity (Arctic Music)
Data - Vice (Horizons)
Kiat + Ash - Where Am I (Dub)
Sileni - Black Rocket (Offshore)
Instra:Mental - No Future (NonPlus+)
Instra:Mental - The Dead Zone (Darkestral)
Gremlinz - Weird (Dub)
Blocks + Escher - Heartshaped (Horizons)
Blu Mar Ten - Infected (Deep Structure)