Wrd - All Blu Mar Ten mix (February 2006)

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Blu Mar Ten embodied the lush, atmospheric, and futuristic sound that Good Looking was putting out in the late 90's. I decided to put this mix together to showcase some of my favorites of that era, bring back fond memories to older atmospheric heads, and give the newcomers an idea what they missed.

The mix is compiled from my vinyl and cds and has my personal dnb favorites of theirs (minus 'You Got Me' rmx, never been able to find a copy, sorry). The mix is 71:40, fitting on a cd, 192kbps and about 100 megs. Enjoy.
Voidfield (Good Looking)
Cumulus (Good Looking)
She Moves Through (Good Looking)
Small Truths (Good Looking)
Global Access (Looking Good)
Butterflies and Moths (720 Degrees)
Erykah Badu -- On and On (Blu Mar Ten remix) (Universal)
Futureproof (Good Looking)
Santur (Good Looking)
Osaka (720 Degrees)
BRO (Good Looking)
Adrift on Deep Water (Earth)
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