Phil Delpher - Serendipity #2Download

Part 1 here: Phil Delpher - Summer Serendipity

1 'Thoughts So' by Jrumhand
2 'Groove Baby' by Dynamic and Blade
3 'Blue' by Flowrian and Pulsaar
4 'It's Jazz' by Soultec and Blade
5 'Jazzmine' by Command Strange and Dynamic
6 'Session One Take Two' by Soultec
7 'Improvisation' by Flowrian
8 'Tuesday' by Jrumhand
9 'Maximilian' by Submatic and Dan e
10 'Hold You Close' by Deeper Connection
11 'Living The Moment' by Pulsaar
12 'Butterflies' by Edward Oberon and Blade
13 'Au Revoir Blackbird' by Pennygiles