Funk D'Void
It's a long time since I've posted some Funk D'Void/Francois Dubois mix but I'm glad we have a fresh new mix!

Nacho Marco “Wench (Francois Dubois remix)”
Hot Toddy “Slave To You (Francois Dubois edit)”
Nature Soul “Horizon (Francois Dubois remix)”
Funk D’Void feat. Jay Leblone “Lovin’ Your Body”
Funk D’Void “Flealife (Christian Smith remix)”
Funk D’Void “Masque”
Funk D’Void “Shadowchaser”
Funk D’Void “Counter Cat”
Funk D’Void “Italoca”
Paul Loraine “Envy (Funk D’Void remix)”
Vince Watson “A Very Different World (Funk D’Void remix)”
Funk D’Void “Diabla (Christian Smith & Wehbba end of the night remix)”
Funk D’Void “Diabla intro”