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Rainer Trueby - Welcome To Our World (Session Victim Remix) [Compost - CPT 408-3]
The Popular People Front - The Principles Of Freakin [PPF]
Soldiers of Twilight - Feeling So High - SOT Mix [Basenotic]
Voyeur - Blame it on the youth [Madtech]
Black Ops - Touch The Light [Losofono]
Jedi Knights - One For M.A.W [Evolution]
Recloose - Electric Sunshine (Andres Remix) [Rush Hour - RH 046]
Blacksmif - Microweight [Blah Blah Blah - BBB 004]
The Unknown Factor - Solitude [Defender] (*)
Boris Werner - Can't Let Go [Remote Area - REMOTE 021D]
Earth People - Dance (Beats) [Cabaret]
Fulbert - Insouciance [Soul Notes - SN 1204]
Joshua Iz Feat. Diz - It Iz What It Iz (Joshua Iz Vizual Dub) [Vizual - VIZ 006]
Paranoid London - Paris 1 [Paranoid]
The Mole - Last Ditch [Musique Risquee - RISQUEE 021]
Atomfunk - Oustider - The Si Brad Atomfunk Dub [Toko]
Optimo - Caste Out [Specialist Interests - SPEC 002]

Note about The Unknown Factor's "Solitude" :
Track was part of a concept album released on Defender Music, called "The Unknown Factor : The Basic Factor Album". Artist names were left unknown, altough the cover quotes Andre Bagley, Deep Dish, Mr Onester and Steven John Craden. The notes say : "We intentionally withheld each track's producer credit".
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