Tracklist/Description: Deep Perfection Podcast # 11 by D-Pulse Meet the next guest - the legendary Russian project D-Pulse. From the outset, D-Pulse was a mixture of different musical styles: one half of the part played by the rock, and the second dealt with di-geingob. In 2001 they decided to unite in a group to create something unified and exclusive. Under the strong influence of French music of the waves from the Air and Phoenix to Daft Punk, started working on my own style, trying to beautifully combine the individual tastes of each participant. Someone hears their music echoes the French house, someone rough Chicago bass. Others will find the cold Scandinavian romance or happy tunes of the early ' 70s, warm sounding synth Moog or minimalist industrial noise, psychedelic rock guitar or light jazz harmony. Trying to make their vision of how they should sound like music, the guys manage to create something of their own, like nothing. The guys from the Russian heartland made a splash in the music circles of Russia and even abroad. They began to appear in European music publications (M8, Wire) and attracted the attention of record companies. However, this success brought the children of their live concerts. Emotional, energetic, deep and melodic streams their music with live instruments (guitar, bass, and keyboards) create a unique atmosphere at each event, where is the composition of D-Pulse. You can call their music, performances, mixes as you like: electric disco, romantic space rock, acoustic deep house, minimal funk or jazz. This then, it is impossible to describe with words. Sound cocktail with different tastes. Great to dance, to listen at home to make love and ... just to live.
29 September 2014
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