Tracklist/Description: An across the board selection for Vicious magazine's Vicious radio.... I had a lot of fun doing this mix and tried to give a flavour of how we like to mix things up here in Manchester and represent the whole of our record collections in a 'house' dj set! I hope you enjoy! DJ bookings Tracklist: Intro-Moroccan street scene, recorded in Essaouira, january 2014....then 1. Falty DL_Some Jazz Shit 2. Moodymanc_Tarriff 3. Quantic_Muvelo Negro 4. Sheila Ford/Kiko Navarro_Harmony (DJ Spen mix) 5. Cupcakes_Bakers' Dozen 6. Kolsch ft Gregor Schwellenbach - Cassiopeia 7. Karizma_K 2 tha P 8. Gigi Testa_Anikulapo (Souldynamic Black Panther Rmx) 9. Coqorico_Bamikele 10.Harry Romero_Tania (Riva Starr mix) 11.Homero Espinosa_Blues In a Rose 12.DJ Spen_Stranger 13.Sidney Charles_Hurricaine 14.Shox_Well St. 15.Jon Hemming_In the Air 16.Atlantic Ocean_Waterfall
18 September 2014
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