Tracklist/Description: Deep Perfection Podcast 12 by Acos CoolKAs "Russian cosmonauts" Acos CoolKAs are 'Konstantin Atomas' and 'Vasiliy Basalaev' from Omsk, Russia. Omsk by the way, is the largest City of Southern Siberia, 2500 Kilometers from Moscow and is situated at the crossing of the Trans-Siberian Magistral & the Irtysh River. Unless you're a Geography expert, it's pretty hard to imagine where it is, but there are people living in this corner of the world producing Electronic music like Acos CoolKAs! Vasiliy & Konstantin met in 2001 and soon discovered that their taste in music was very similar. Both of them were interested by the work of 70s & 80s bands such as Space, Zodiac & Kraftwerk, and also contemporary artists like Daft Punk and Metro Area. They found something very mysterious and magical in this type of music. The pair soon realized that something 'had' been missing in their everyday lives which they could find in this amazing emotional music, that had such enigmatic spiritual depth. Both Vasiliy & Konstantin's accumulated musical emotions grew to such heights, that they had to follow their own musical paths. Firstly, they began experimenting with music production as individuals but the results were so similar it became too difficult to tell the two apart. Both Vasiliy & Konstantin soon realized that there was only one way forward... to join forces and create the mighty Acos CoolKAs. At first, Acos CoolKAs tried imitating 'that' fantastic feeling of Outer Space which they'd heard in the music of their idols. But when 'that' first Cosmos experience came, they quickly found 'their' sound. They soon realized that in order to find the Cosmos, you have to look 'inside' yourself first. That miracle has a place in all our day-to-day lives and it’s essential to see and recognize it, so that the smallest of things can grow and radiate with happiness. The music of Acos CoolKAs is an attempt to transmit it's creators’ Micro-cosmos to the listeners... and help everyone to discover their own Universe.
29 September 2014
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