Tracklist/Description: Deep Perfection Podcast 13 by AN-2 The man behind An-2 is Andrei Zakharov. He lives in St.Petersburg, Russia (called the Northern Capital of Russia), but inside he is a deeply provincial person, maybe even the anti-glamour character and a solid realist. He doesn't drink alcohol and doesn't smoke and although Anton Pavlovich Chekhov (the great russian classical writer) said once that "if someone doesn't drink and doesn't smoke, this may make you think that he's simply a bastard", Andrei hopes that this isn't something about him. Andrei's way to electronic music was hard and twisting. He nearly became karatist, biathlonist, radioamateur-automodelist, classical guitarist, pianist, accordeonist, professionally qualified economist, but all that smoothly passed him by and finally he became the electronic musician. Perhaps the reason of that was the town of Izhevsk - Andrei's birthplace. On the surface Izhevsk isn't something remarkable, just a provincial industrial town standing away from the main communication routes and hubs. But under some strange circumstances Izhevsk is renowned as the place of abnormal electromusical activity and often called the Russia’s capital of electronic music. The reasons of that are not well studied yet. One of a numerous theories supposes that the reason of that phenomenon was some ultra-high-frequency radiation emitted by one of the Izhevsk secret military laboratories and accidentally modulated by the spirit of Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky that was born in Izhevsk environs in year 1840 and who's name is associated with these places. Andrei regulary visits his hometown to get the salutary radiation and regenerate his creative power. This radiation causes the psychic effect of "shining-through reality". The essence of that effect is well expressed by the concept of "magic realism". Later came the desicion to establish the own label to release the music of his own and music of the other people suffering from the similar syndrome. Label that was founded in year 2004 was called THEOMATIC. THEOMATIC REC
29 September 2014
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