Tracklist/Description: Deep Perfection Podcast 14 by Volta Cab Featuring phenomenal fecundity and remarkable talent, Konstantin Isaev aka Volta Cab, is one of the few russian artists, was able to win real recognition on the world stage. No kidding , Volta Cab’s name is familiar in every corner of our planet. His tracks are played by such giants as Maya Jane Coles, discography measured in dozens of original tracks and remixes, mostly vinyl, including Isaev, Kong Neptune and Common People aliases. Among the musical landmarks of Volta Cab are, on the one hand – a proven classic disco and detroit house like Motor City Drum Ensemble; on the other hand, Volta Cab’s music does not have any limits, flirting with Lo-Fi, hip-hop, stupefying balearic and Chicago chords, futuristic 2-step and post- jazz side of the garage. Only he can simultaneously publish a proto-jungle at Hypercolour (!), and disco at respected label Eskimo. Volta Cab prefers to play lives-shows, but is always ready to play vinyl records for nice public, especially that his own releases can already make many hours DJ-set. Tracklist: 01. volta cab - oasis dub (sex panda white) 02. volta cab - hard to find (chicago mix) (white label) 03. volta cab - you gotta do your job well (demo) 04. volta cab - tonight (toy tonics) 05. the peanuts - clouds of money (volta cab remix) (glenview) 06. volta cab - i don't want love (warehouse mix) (white label) 07. shyam - my air (volta cab remix) (what's in the box) 08. volta cab - mif (toy tonics) 09. volta cab - the sea inside you (demo) 10. volta cab - what is underground (124 recordings) 11. volta cab - rusty waves (sex panda white) 12. volta cab - raw haus theory (demo) 13. volta cab - soul modeling (demo) 14. volta cab - fantazia (hypercolour) 15. volta cab - a vital muscle organ (demo) 16. volta cab - invitation to hardcore invasion (morris audio) 17. volta cab - back to the top (hypercolour)
28 September 2014
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