Tracklist/Description: I stopped by my friend Method One's studio to throw down a special *guest mix* on his 'Vinyl + Circuitry' radio show on Now available to listen/download! SUBMORPHICS ON BASSDRIVE: OCTOBER 7TH, 2014 1. ???- ??? 2. digital, spirit and response- different style 3. chromatic- found you 4. special forces- sidewinder 5. logistics- take me to the bridge 6. lenzman + submorphics- can't you see 7. submorphics- hurt so bad 8. total science- so addicted (ft grimm) 9. tokyo prose- sunsets (ft. lsb and drs) 10. submorphics- rosewood (ft. christina tamayo) 11. lenzman- always 12. calibre- dema beats 13. origin unknown- lunar bass (commix remix) 14. icicle- problem (ft. skittles) 15. hyroglifics- bay city ballers club 16. icicle- the edge (ft. metropolis) 17. break, mako, fields and villem- shadowlines 18. submorphics- long been gone 19. mc conrad + makoto- golden girl (lenzman vip remix) 20. random movement- stars in the dark (vip remix) 21. calibre- no more 22. submorphics- burnside park 23. submorphics- burning love (lenzman remix) 24. flaco- got to have you (heist remix) 25. (tease) submorphics- miles ahead