Tracklist/Description: Recorded set at Ambra Night - 06/09/2014 The opening set of Sun and Bass 2014 Warm up at the outdoor area curated by DJ Bailey Here is the thing... I'm not 100% sure about this set, specially the beginning (too many mistakes)... I was enjoying my track selection but I couldn't concentrate enough. Had forgotten the adapter for my laptop charger, had some little issues with the volume, was speaking to people... but in the end it was really fun. My curator DJ Bailey arrived with a good adapter, I could get into it and people response was just great. Big up to everyone who was there supporting me, my brazilian crew, my sun and bass crew, my sun and bass family... enjoy this little mix! Tracklist Big T @ Ambra Night 06 September 2014 01- Fjell - Tales from the Hive 02- Tokyo Prose - Ventura 03- Roni Size - Want Your Body (Calibre Remix) 04- Seba & Paradox (Feat Robert Manos) - Move On 05- Commix - Be True 06- Calibre - I’ll Stay 07- Seba & Paradox (Feat Robert Manos) - Lie to Me 08- DJ Roots (Feat Rafael Pondé) - Sorriso de Flor 09- Drumagick - Take it easy 10- Erykah Badu - Honey (L-Side BoOtLeG 2013) 11- Commix - How You Gonna Feel (Feat Steve Spacek) 12- Calibre - Let Me Hold You 13- Mos Def - Panties bootleg (Soultec & Joey remix) 14- Atlantic Connection - Can't Destroy Love (feat Minds One and DJ Noumenon) 15- Saburuko - London 16- Total Science - Never Had A Dream - Furney Remix 17- Phoneheads - Roll that Stone (DJ Roots & Theego rmx) 18- BTK - My Soul For Your Love 19- Total Science - Suspicious (feat Riya - Alix Perez remix) 20- Calibre - Miraculous 21- Skeptical - Desire (feat Collette Warren) 22- Total Science - Just Want You 23- DJ Marky & XRS - Breeze (feat Cleveland Watkiss)