Tracklist/Description: episodes from 6 to 30: In english below. Deep Podcast recebeu um set mix exclusivo do DJ e um dos produtores brasileiros mais importantes da atualidade, Leonardo Jesus a.k.a. L-side. Saiba mais sobre L-Side clicando nos links abaixo. _____________________________________________________________________ Deep Podcast received an exclusive set mix of DJ and one of the most important Brazilian producers, Leonardo Jesus a.k.a. L-side. Learn more about L-Side clicking the links below. ||| Subsid - Untitled [Dub] LSB - Leave [Soul:R] Al Pack - Get High [Ledge Sounds] Dj Marky & Total Science - Tunnel Vision [CINNA] Eveson - Deeper Still [Deep Soul Music] Malaky - My Dreams [Prestige Music] Alaska & Seba - Back From Eternity [Arctic Music] Calibre - Miraculous [Signature] Chap & Andrezz - Spectrum [V Recordings Dub] L-Side - Let It Go [Dub] L-Side - Starways [Dub] L-Side - The Big Bang [Fed Nation Uk] LM1 - Berlin (Future Engineers Remix) [Transference] Calibre & Marcus Intalex feat. Fox - Run Away [Signature] dRamatic & dbAudio - Sceptic World [Liquid V] Level 2 - Profile [Dub] L-Side - New Generation [Dub] Random Movement - Intersections PM [Progress LTD] Andrezz - No Time To Lose [Vandal] Paladion & L-Side - Wings of The Universe [Innerground Dub] Random Movement & Jaybee - Lost in Languardia [Dub] Dj Chap - Unplugged [Luv Disaster]