Tracklist/Description: Our very own Tim Cant took some time out to lay down a few tracks in continuous succession. Apparently they call it a 'mix'. Who knew??? Rowpieces - An Intense Moment [Fokuz] InnaSelf - Operation X [Liquid Tones] Soul Connection - Black Unity [Liquid Flavours] Random Movement - When Daylight Comes [V Recordings] Furney - Tear in the Rain [Soul Deep] Tim Cant - Fusion Chillout [Influenza Media] Severity Zero - Lust Vegas [Liquid Tones] Tim Cant - Ultra Generic [Influenza Media] Furney & PHD - Gumbo [Soul Deep] SoulStructure & Tim Cant - Senses [Vampire] SoulStructure & Blade - Soul 201 [Sonata] Aural Imbalance - Cold Fusion [Monochrome Recordings] Conspire - Just Listen [Rotation UK] BrokenDrum & Kasper - Don’t Know Why [dub] Blu Mar Ten - The Fountain (Blue Sonix remix) [Way Out Records]