Tracklist/Description: Hello everyone! Welcome back for another round of Drumin' with Jrumhand! First of all big up and thanks to everyone who listened too and made the first mix a great success! Additionally, thanks for all the support and feedback for the first mix, it is greatly appreciated. Finally, a big thanks to Jrumhand for the productions and all the support. This mix follows the same concept as the first. Additionally, I wanted to use some other tracks that were not in DJ Valozi's, DJ Gauge's or my Jrumhand mixes. It was great to discover some of the older Jrumhand tunes and have many tunes grow on me even more overtime! I greatly appreciate all the support given and had a blast creating the mix! More information can be found beneath the tracklist about other Jrumhand mixes, download options and Jrumhand. Hope everyone enjoys the mix, thanks once again! Cheers and thanks for listening! Clen Drumin' with Jrumhand - Act 2 Tracklist: 1. Jrumhand - Vanished (Original Mix) 2. Jrumhand - That Natural Groove (Original Mix) 3. Jrumhand - Think (Original Mix) 4. Jrumhand - What About it (Original Mix) 5. Jrumhand - Chapter & Verse (Original Mix) 6. Jrumhand - Chance (Original Mix) 7. Jrumhand & Phatplayaz - Tools (Original Mix) 8. Jrumhand - Red Sky at Night (Original Mix) 9. Jrumhand - Alright (Original Mix) 10. Jrumhand - Piano Business (Original Mix) 11. Jrumhand & Phatplayaz - All That Jazz (Original Mix) 12. Jrumhand - The Moment (Original Mix) 13. Jrumhand - Ice & Lemon (Original Mix) 14. Blade & Jrumhand - Rhodes Riff Thing (Original Mix) 15. Jrumhand - Jribs & Jrabs (Original Mix) 16. Jrumhand - Simplicity (Original Mix) Download: For those who wish to download two options are available: 1. mp3 format - 320kbps (around 59mb): Link: 2. wav format (647mb): Little higher quality, but big file size. Download directly from Soundcloud player. Here are the links for other Jrumhand Mixes from the DJ Valozi, DJ Guage, Moffla, and myself. One of the coolest things was that none of us had initially discussed each making a Jrumhand mix: DJ Valozi - The Jazz Travel: DJ Gauge - To the beat of the Jrum: Moffla - Moffla vol 0078 Clen - Drumin' with Jrumhand Jrumhand's soundcloud - @jrumhand Jrumhand's Bandcamp - Jrumhand's Blog - Jrumahnd's Twitter -