Tracklist/Description: BLU SAPHIR RECORDINGS HISTORY LESSON 1.I TRY (BLUS001) byTWINTONE & DJ ROME 2.STRAIGHT AHEAD (BLUS002) byKALEB & CONTOUR 3.HOLD MY LOVE (BLUS002) by KALEB 4.SOUL LADY (BLUS004) by DJ ASPECT 5.FUN (BLUS004) by ELECTROSOUL SYSTEM 6.RHYTUAL RMX (BLUS005) by JEBAR & DK_FOYER ( BIG BUD REMIX ) 7.REVISIONS (BLUS006) by SUBMORPHICS 8.JADE SUNRISE (BLUS006) by CHINO 9.SYNAPSE ( BUNGLE RMX. ) (BLUS003) by CONTOUR 10.CONQUEST SYSTEM (BLUS007) by THE EGO & DJ ROOTS & BUNGLE 11.THATS WHAT YOU DO TO ME RMX (BLUS008) by PEYO & CLOUD NINE ( RANDOM MOVEMENT RMX ) 12.LISTEN TO YOUR HEART (BLUS009) by SOUL MOZAICS 13.ITS SO NICE (BLUS009) by W.T. 14.CASANOVA (BLUS011) by PAUL SG 15.SWEETEST THANG (BLUS012) by BASSFACE SASCHA 16.SWAY (TECHNICOLOUR REMIX) (BLUS013) by DRIFTA & DEAN CASE 17.ILLUSION (BLUS016) by ROY GREEN & PROTONE 18.MEDIDANCE (BLUS022) by DERRICK & TONIKA 19.TOO MUCH (BLUS025) by SCHEMATIC 20.FREE ME (ORIGINAL MIX) (BLUS017) by SCHEMATIC 21.SURFING ON A ROCKET (BLUS021) by IMPLEX 22.DONE TO ME (BLUS015) by DINHO MK3 23.OUTRO PROMOS + DUBS + BOOTLEGS NEW CHAPTER 24.Me And Your Ghost - Redeyes Edit by Rosie Lowe 25.Montecristo (Exclusive Mix)- SHOGUN AUDIO by Technimatic 26.The Real Deal (feat DNA) by Bladerunner 27.Fall In Love by Aries, Gold Dubs & Jinx feat. Eva Lazarus 28.Untitled by Decon 29.Untitled by Simplification & Translate 30.E - On My Mind by Liz 31.Untitled by Malaky & Velocity 32.Sampha Bootleg by SpectraSoul 33.WARM WATER - MAGNAFIDE RMX - BOOTYLOVE 002 by BANKS