Tracklist/Description: our friends from "queen & disco" presents no. 13 in our ROSEtapes series. representing derry (ireland) the guys - barry crumley, rajpaul crumley, bee mc cormick, marc mc laughlin, and alan mooney - started throwing parties in 2013 and had some top acts perform with/for them like horse meat disco, get down edits, craig smith, dicky trisco, rahaan, marcel vogel...and the list continues. in 2015 they have started their label "queen & disco records" with the first record "The Royalty of Funk EP". the 4 tracker includes tracks by get down edits, ltj, alan mooney and queen & disco and gained big love from all around. also the artwork was well done and we still wonder if the person does exist in real? the record seems out of stock but if you find copies just put the link in the comments. and now we hope you press play and enjoy 1 hour of disco madness from irland. _________________________