Tracklist/Description: Episode 15 to your ears ready to fly. Big ups to my regular listeners. As standart vibes from house afro to deep corners . Enjoy and have a nice day all poeple over the globe . Salut! / R.I.S.A Here goes the playlist ... more mixes to come .. hope you dig some goodie here ... 1.Inaky Garcia & Alfredo Magrini - Destination (Afro Club Mix) 2.Jimpster - Solitude 3.Jazzuelle & Lazarusman - Forget Me (Fred Everything Devil in the Dub) 4.DJ Koze - XTC 5.Route 8 - Relaxed 6.Osunlade - Mommas Groove (Jimpster slipped disc Mix) 7.Soledrifter - Rhythm In My Soul 8.Flo Phielix & Jeff Smink - I'll Give 9.Ivan Latyshev - Save Me Music 10.Bass Adjustment - Let In The Light (The Layabouts Remix) 11.Audiowhores - This Is The End (Audio Junkies Juno Mix) 12.Andy Hart - Dreams On Kepler 13.Rauwkost - Shuffle That Cat 14.Brame & Hamo - Lamaj 15.Brame - Full Custody 16.Frits Wentink - Dwayne Young 17.Maurice Tamraz - Malevolent