Tracklist/Description: Odyssey Music Box Hi Fidel Cartel ‘Endless Odyssey’ EP / Producer Showcase. Plus lots more form other artists and record labels across the globe... Endless Odyssey EP Digital Release Date: / 27th July 2015 Stores: Juno Download/Beatport/iTunes and more… Artist: Hi Fidel Cartel / Hi Fidel Cartel has been playing electronic music since 2002. Hi Fidel Cartel built his reputation on the decks by regularly playing to crowds around the world. In 2005 he began hosting a monthly residency in the heart of what became one of the hot spots of London's nightlife and drum'n'bass scene - Cafe 1001 in Bricklane. The night entitled “The Whole Spectrum” was a showcase bed for underground drum’n’bass artists from across the globe. Hi Fidel Cartels ultimate goal has always been to deliver cutting edge, ground-breaking and innovative music. To validate the statement true on the production side, his idea has always been to take to the studio with new ideas and not box themselves into a particular genre. As we move into the future Hi Fidel Cartel will carry on doing what he has always done best, which is to bring cutting edge, ground-breaking and innovative music to the masses… Track 1/ Endless Loop – Voyage… Track 2/ The Thalys – Adventure… Track 3/ Trinity – Quest… Track 4/ How Far – Exploration… Show Track List: 1 – Hi Fidel Cartel – Everybody Loves the sunshine [Roy Ayers Rewire] 2 – Hi Fidel Cartel – Endless Loops – Endless Odyssey EP – Release Date – 27th July 2015 [Odyssey Recordings] 3 - Hi Fidel Cartel –How Far – Endless Odyssey EP – Release Date – 27th July 2015 [Odyssey Recordings] 4 - Hi Fidel Cartel – The Thalys – Endless Odyssey EP – Release Date – 27th July 2015 [Odyssey Recordings] 5 - Hi Fidel Cartel – Trinity – Endless Odyssey EP – Release Date – 27th July 2015 [Odyssey Recordings] 6 – Rhythm Tek – A Different Type Of Alien – [Odyssey Recordings DUB] 7 – Dailiv – Poltergeist – Poltergeist EP [Danger Chamber Digital] 8 – Dailiv – Bad Thoughts - Poltergeist EP [Danger Chamber Digital] 9 – Sanz – Strats – [Odyssey Recordings DUB] 10 – Terminus – The Energy 11 – Paul SG – Loosen Up [Soul Deep Recordings] 12 – Heavy Intent & Kurruptdata Feat J Rokka – Space Between [DnBSource] 13 – Pulsaar – The Look – Spring EP 14 – Jrumhand – Pain [Odyssey Recordings DUB] 15 – Tidal - Downstream [Odyssey Recordings DUB] A huge thank you to all the Artists/DJs/Record Labels/Family/Friends/Supporters/Promoters Sid Narkotix & Slamdunk Odyssey Recordings Organisation. Odyssey Music Box.