Tracklist/Description: Midland is a quiet and reserved character but one that always makes a big impact. Despite only being active for a few years, he is already someone who resides in the upper echelons of the global house and techno scene. This is evidenced by the fact that as a DJ he plays only the most revered places, and when he does so he manages to reach far and wide, calling upon many different electronic sounds without ever falling prey to modern trends. It is the same when producing on labels like Aus and his own Graded, where his records are functional but fun affairs with corrugated drums, rugged bass and physical grooves that never fail to arrest a dance floor’s attention. This mix he has served up for us is another fine example of that. Starting off in an abstract world of atmospheric sound and smeared chords, it’s not long before Midland establishes a groove that then grows in stature for the next hour. Atop the always physical drums are all manner of cosmic melodies, soul fuelled pads and spryly percussive patterns. Touching on house that ranges from dark and mysterious to more sun kissed and playful, this journey feels much long than it is because of how much Midland manages to so masterfully pack in.