Tracklist/Description: Looking to start a new mix show of some sort. Not sure at the moment what direction I want to go in. Maybe it will be more radio show like, maybe more of mix sets. Guess we'll have to see. Definitely there will be promotional value for the artists, just like the Clen's Top 21 Monthly lists. For now this is just a "pilot" episode that I've been meaning to post for a while now. The title of the show is also tentative. Feel free to PM if anyone has any comments, questions, concerns as well. Definitely looking forward to posting some more mixes and promoting the tracks that come across Soundcloud! Special thanks to all those who've helped thus far, and to the whole of the DnB scene/community. Appreciate any support, hope everyone enjoys the mix! Track List Below: Fresh off the Decks - 000 1. Phaeny - Cocktails 2. DJ Marky & Makoto - Secret Place (Original Mix) 3. Jrumhand - Beautiful Boy (Original Mix) 4. Flowrian - Mark Foam (Original Mix) 5. Poschek & Bufalo - Deep Accents (Original Mix) 6. MsDos - Chords & Jazz (Original Mix) 7. Phaeny - Blaha 8. BrokenDrum - Smile (Original Mix) 9. Blade - Deepness (Original Mix) 10. Blade & Kyro - Back From The Streets 11. Vandera - Anandemide (Original 12in. Mix) 12. Blade - Winter Groove 13. Furney - San Demus (Original Mix) 14. Furney - Cold Cosmic (Original Mix) 15. Blade - This Game 16. Decon - Can't Take That (Original Mix) 17. Flowrian - Banani Code (Original Mix) 18. Blade & Kyro - Through the Vibes (Original Mix) 19. MsDos & Payback - Sweet Enigma (Original Mix) 20. Jrumhand & Phat Playaz - Tools (Original Mix) 21. Random Movement - Alone This Way (No Need To Stay) (Original 12in. Mix) 22. Tidal - Blue Hours (Original Mix) ~Disclaimer: I claim no rights to any of the tracks featured in the mix, all rights are reserved to the individual artists and record labels (as noted by the tracklist). No copyright infringement or theivery intended.