Tracklist/Description: Many thanks for the GLXY boys for taking time to lay down this mix for us. A great selection of tracks, including cuts from their latest 'Pinnacle EP', which is available now on Liquid Tones & forthcoming exclusives which will be available on Liquid Tones in the near future. Tracklist: Semi Sense - From Stars (Liquid Tones Dub) GLXY - It's Whatever (Liquid Tones) Semi Sense - Yellow Paint Sprayer (Liquid Tones Dub) LSB - Walking Blues High Contrast - When The Drums Come feat. Wonda Calyx, Teebee, Kemo - Pure Gold Technimatic - Serendipity Submorphics - Long Been Gone Lurch - Meant To Be Lurch - I Can't Lose You [L-Side Remix] (Liquid Tones) Treex - Far Gone Love (Liquid Tones Dub) Western Sea - Weekend Morning GLXY - Want U (Liquid Tones) Madface - Many Lies [L-Side Remix] (Liquid Tones Dub) GLXY - Pinnacle (Liquid Tones) Forren - One N Only Ownglow - Tension Variants - The Story Begins (Liquid Tones Dub) Sektor - Mind Games (Liquid Tones) Chinensis - Chasing Polaris (Liquid Tones) Salaryman & Treex - Shake (Liquid Tones) Tom Strobe - Change Yourself feat. Tami Han