Tracklist/Description: Artist Info: In 2005, a mysterious producer called Art Of Tones releases a series of two EPs on respected imprint 2020 Vision to critical acclaim in house music circle. Everybody thought it was a well known producer using an alias for a one off project. They were right about one thing : Art Of Tones was in fact Ludovic Llorca essentially known for his jazz infused downtempo album "Newcomer" on F Communication giving it a go on more straight up, dubby, dancefloor orientated house music. But they were wrong on one thing though : Art Of Tones wasn't a one off project. In 2007, again on 2020 Vision, Llorca, still hidden behind the Art Of Tones moniker, releases the "Praise" EP which because a massive underground hit, leaving everyone speculating about who's behind the project. Since then, Llorca finally reveals himself as the man behind Art Of Tones, which is nowdays his main house music musical project, leaving the Llorca moniker for his more soul and funk infused projects. Today, Llorca aka Art Of Tones works closely with Hamburg based imprint Room With A View. "The World As I Live It" EP became in early 2010 a massive success, both critically and commercially. Tracklist: 01. Folamour - The Power And The Blessing Of Unity [Glitterbox] 02. Giovanni Damico - The Break Down [Lumberjacks In Hell] 03. Art of Tones - Reprise de Fonk [Local Talk] 04. Alma Negra - Endless Summer (Soulphistiction Remix) [Heist Recordings] 05. Labeuz - Comme Tié Belle Nicole [Ondule Recordings] 06. Lorenz Rhode - And I Said [Dirt Crew Recordings] 07. Matrix (US) - Get Out (Detroit Swindle Remix) [Madhouse Records] 08. Art Of Tones - Where The One Is [Local Talk] 09. Detroit Swindle - Howsmusic [Heist Recordings] 10. James Curd feat. Likasto - Get Low (Black Loops Remix)[Exploited] 11. Casbah 73 - Love Saves The Day (Percussion Jam) [Lovemonk] 12. Luke Solomon feat. Amy Douglas & Queen Rose - Light You Up [Classic Music Company] Soundcloud: Social Media: Curator: Manny Cais Artwork: Rivadávia Coura Follow Us: @connectch
06 January 2021
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