Tracklist/Description: Jaeger Mix #128 February 3rd, 2019 Dalminjo returns to the Jæger mix booth in 2019, with a mix that errs on the deeper spectrum of House music. Ole Granli, a producer and DJ with his roots in Drum n Bass and House production, dons his Dalminjo alias again to traverse the subtle side of House music. On this episode he steps away from the “soulful vocal House” that he’s been known to play in the past, but wispy vocals and airy textures linger in this mix. Serene, floating textures set a languid atmosphere, with sparkling beats and rhythms toiling at slower speeds coming together under House formations. The sonic aesthetic is immediately familiar from his last Æmix appearance and there is a thread running from his productions to the mix, but in the booth, he trades in the effervescent House productions for a mood, expertly tuned to an early Sunday evening at Jæger. On this occasion, we had the chance to ask the DJ and producer some more about his background and his music during the mix. In the Q&A he talks a little about his roots, his abrupt entry into DJing and his Jæger mix. Check Q & A here:
21 January 2021
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