Tracklist/Description: Soela, a multi-talented artist based in Berlin, has been on radar ever since she released a critically acclaimed LP “Genuine Silk” on our beloved Dial Records earlier this year. Album on Dial is just a cherry on the top that came after several successful releases on labels like Detroit Underground, FauxPas Music, and Kompakt, to name a few. When in the studio or behind the decks, Soela likes to explore all electronic music corners, ranging from downtempo to deep house to techno and beyond. The mix Soela made for us is a special one. Full of twist and turns, Soela takes us to a journey through Dub Techno, Electronica, Trip-Hop, Deep House, and Ambient. Very well executed, this mix is a phenomenal companion for your next car ride or downtime at home. Soela on SoundCloud: Soela on Instagram: Soela on FB:
26 January 2021
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