Tracklist/Description: 2020 is finally coming to an end.. what better chance to use December as a month to reflect on what’s going on in the world and what we learned from it? “What do I have to do to get rid of my anxiety about the future?” is one of the questions which kept the artist behind this year’s December podcast - Soela - busy for quite a while. Soela is a multi-talented artist hailing from southern Russia who now calls Berlin her home. It is there where she continues to build her presence in the community through her live and DJ sets alongside documenting the local scene and artists through her lens as a photographer. She is an experienced pianist and vocalist who has made a hugely successful transition into electronic music. Since she took her first footsteps into electronic music, she’s come a long way. In the meantime she produced and released her own music on renowned labels like Detroit Underground, Fauxpas Musik, Shall Not Fade and KOMPAKT. Her productions entail all her musical background knowledge and are hard to put in a box, ranging from downtempo to deep house to techno. 

For Loser Records, Soela crafted this mix from all the tracks she was collecting over the year and even included some of her own productions. Her intention was to summarise all of her feelings and combine them into an one hour long mix of music that she personally loves and listens to extensively.

 To put it into her own words: “I think music from such artists as Efdemin, Leon Vynehall, Hotel Nota, Leafar Legov, and others perfectly reflects my thoughts right now. A bit of melancholy, but still a lot of appreciation to people and this beautiful world, even in such tough times. “ 

We could not think of any better way to end this year’s podcast series and say thank you Soela for this wonderful mix and wish you all the best for your future career, once the pandemic has settled. --- Loser Podcast is an ongoing series of Podcasts of family, friends and artists we simply admire. --- Artist info:
26 January 2021
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